Why Fitness goals are important. And boring, but essential

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Lets make this perfectly clear from the beginning: Fitness is not easy, enjoyable or paints a beautiful motivational picture 90% of the time.

The sooner you reconcile with this simple truth, the happier you will be with the process as a whole.

So — why bother ?

Let me tell you a little bit about teeth hygiene. Washing your teeth is not easy, enjoyable or motivational. Yet, you do it why? Because you can not allow your self not to.

The cost of ignoring this boring task surpasses the pain of everyday nuisance

The fitness journey

It starts similar to a love romance. You get hooked on a promise of a fantasy. You strive for greatness. Yet, it wears of pretty fast.

Consider running for a moment, you buy new shoes, you set goal — NY marathon (or some Half, or whatever). The hype IS REAL.

Then, rain falls. You are sleep deprived. Do you feel motivated to get up and go running?

Of course not. Romance never last. But system does. If you DO get up and end up running. Three times a week, week after week in 16 weeks you will be able to run your first half, in 25, your marathon. It is not a question of luck, or motivation on a race day.

It all the effort you put in weeks and months prior

So, goals are important?

Goals set you up for a path. But you must not rely on your motivation or inspiration to get you trough. You must rely on a repetitive system.

And this is were things do get rough. You will only be able to repeat hard new habits if you find them tolerable.

So you need goals to strive to something, but you need system to keep you healthy and on track.

Mixed truths

Because we are complicated beings, you will need to use one to get to the other.

As a fitness professionals, we cant lure our clients in on a promise of a system.

We need to sell them goals.

In Fitness For Millions Formula we teach how to do just that, to parse your program into a product which will arouse interest, and capitalize on a deeper truth: goal will get you started. Then its up to you to keep the habit going. And keep your clients happy.

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