2nd Ultramarathon race MARATHON OF MARATHONS

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In organization of ARK Eko Marathon from Belgrade, on Saturday, 12 March 2011, second ultramarathon race MARATHON OF MARATHONS will be held. It is planned to be held in the same place as last year, that is, in Belgrade on Ada Ciganlija in the section at the nudist beach.

Race will start at 08:00 hours.

Race announcement

  • Name of race: 2nd Ultramarathon race MARATHON OF MARATHONS
  • Organizers: ARK ECO MARATHON Belgrade, JP Ada Ciganlija, Restaurant „At the end of the world …, „Vegetarian restaurant „Lila“
  • Place: Belgrade, Ada Ciganlija – at the restaurant „At the end of the world …“
  • Date: Saturday, 12 March, 2011.
  • Time of event: Start 08.00 – End of race, distribution of awards and prizes at 20:00
  • Type of race and the right to participate: 100km ultramarathon race, 6h/12h ultramarathon races in women’s and men’s categories, journalist’s endurance race and relay race  (4 x 25km)
  • Categories: absolute
  • Race hours: Race is limited to 12 hours
  • Path: asphalt, length 2000 meters
  • Registration and information: and telephone: +381(0)60 46 44 626 and +381(0)63 18 77 041
  • Awards: All participants will receive thank you notes, participants who run for more than 42.195 km will receive certificates and medals of ultramarathon, and the three of the best in both races will receive
  • trophies.
  • Entry fee: 15 euros (equivalent in dinars at the rate on the day of payment)
  • Transportation and accomodation: by agreement with the organizer

Contact information

Boban Pantovic
telephone: +381(0)60 46 44 626 and +381(0)63 18 77 041
Additional information: on official web site

Other: Participants who apply and pay the entry fee by 31 January 2011 have the option of having their name printed out on the participatory t-shirt along with the chosen starting number. After this date fee for this is 1,000 dinars.

Trč OPEN Run na Adi Ciganliji
2. Ultramarathon Rennen der Marathon des Marathons

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