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Qualification race: Marathon of Marathons


Latest news: Because of  the unfavorable weather situation – big snowfall and the temperature announcement to -8 ° C it was decided to postpone Ultramarathon Race for 13 March 2010.

Eko Maraton club from Belgrade is planning to hold the qualification race (100 km Ultramarathon) for reality TV program MARATHON OF MARATHONS on Saturday 26/12/2009, on Ada Ciganlija resort in Belgrade, by the nudist beach. The race starts at 8 am.

  • The course is flat, asphalt, circular and length is 1.6 km. One turn point is set on the track, in the vicinity of the referees and two large tents for participants’ rest, which will be served by six masseurs and physiotherapists, as well as two doctors specializing in sports medicine and a physiatrist.
  • In addition to these competitors will be advised and cheered by our famous ultramarathon runner Srđan Stojanović from Leskovac, multiple participant and winner of the famous 3100 miles race (USA). In this race, Stojanović will be the consultant coach, and his experience will be useful to all.
  • All participants will be examined before the race by a doctor – internist.
  • All participants of this race run at their own risk.
  • Race time is limited to 12 hours. Competitors report each break (rest, toilet, changing clothes, medical help) to their timekeeper (referee). Return to the race must be reported to the timekeeper (referee), too.
  • Each participant, by participating in this race, is subject to anti-doping control, which will be preformed at the end of the race, the way it is done in the ATP tournaments.
  • Entry fee is 1200.00 dinars, without exception, for domestic participants and foreign nationals.
  • All participants receive a participatory package: participating shirt with the race logo, a participatory medal, diploma for a won place, a cup for tea or milk with the race logo.
  • Three best participants in both categories receive medals (gold, silver and bronze), and awards from sponsors.
  • Signing up for the race will last until 21st December, 8 am, so that the organizer could manage to complete all necessary preparations and fulfill given promises.
  • The day before the race registered participants can use the set tents and beds and sleeping bags within them.
  • Participants who wish can book a hostel room on Ušće through the organiser.
  • You will be able to follow the events from the track on – results will be updated on every two hours.

We hope to pleasantly surprise you with other benefits (negotiations in progress) that you could expect by coming to the MARATHON OF MARATHONS.

Hoping that MARATHON OF MARATHONS ultramarathon will become traditional, WE GREET YOU SINCERELY.

Booking and information: Media Eko Marathon, e-mail:
Time: Saturday, 26/12/2009 at 8h
Location: Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade
Length: 100km, Ultramarathon
Entry fee: 1200 dinars
Program manager: Boban Pantovic, tel.: +381 63 637 567

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